This was put together with the idea that parents have a “menu” of things to choose from while they teach their children in the Fall of 2020. Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Look at the CPH link first. It has an opening, song, and layout for how to approach the lesson.
  2. Next look at the Leader’s Guide, those have been emailed to you separately.
    1.  If you have multiple age children, you may want to read through one thoroughly to get the background and then skim the other ones.
  3. As you interact with your child(ren), use an appropriate Bible to read through the Biblical account. 
    1. For toddlers and preschoolers: (recommendation only-can use anything similar) 
    2. For K-early readers: (again, a recommendation only)
    3. For 3rd grade and above: read directly from the Bible
  4. Preview the links below and use them as a summary/review after being in Scripture. You can use them as a “reward” for listening to the Bible portion. I believe all of them are cartoon versions. Some are for all kids, some might be for older or younger. So again, please preview them before showing them.
  5. A few lessons have a parent reference for deeper context that you could use with older children or to enhance your own learning.
  6. There is at least one song included for each lesson; almost all are from LifeTree Kids –which do the VBS songs each year at Grace. Some are from past VBS and some are from the one we would have done in 2020 and are new.
  7. End with the prayer CPH provides or have your kids do their own.